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Students are ready to be amazed! Don't blink!

   School Reading Programs for 2023-24
Our new READING Program is ready for your school!  Based on the Summer Library's theme, this show has it all!  Great routines that feature fun, adventure, science, escapes, and cool levitations!  Students will flock to the books to see EXACTLY HOW this stuff is done!  Don't delay!  This is GREAT!
Science of Magic Programs for 2023-24
This program was developed out of a curriculum designed for an Anchorage School District IGNITE program.  It features a TON of INFORMATION and material on the science of magic and illusion.  The program can be presented as a simple demonstration - classroom or assembly, a combination of short classes - classroom visits & demos, or a complete intensive or exploration course - culminating with student experiment demonstrations and the fantastic stage demonstration that explains the science but leaves the students spellbound with the magic.  A complete set of hand-outs for each of the demonstrations is available.  This is one of the most inspirational programs ever.  Many schools use it as an introduction or kick off toward working toward the Science Fair and others use is as a finale to the program.  Don't let your school miss out!
What can you say about our unique programs?
Stimulates creativity!  Explores the imagination!  Provides wonderful inspirtation!  Spurs motivation!  Amazes the senses!  Arouses the mind!  And more!  With unbridled enthusiasm our School Programs are SENSATIONAL!  Each program can be tailored to fit the needs of the school's curriculum and schedule!  The Assembly Shows are fantastic!  Couple them with classroom visits and an evening program and your school will be rockin'!
  We provide an unbelievable Tour Package (even in Anchorage) which can work for schools even on the tightest budget.  And the results are phenomenal!  Just ask the students!  Click HERE for our LATEST OFFER!  It's unbelievable!

Our programs promote: READING, SCIENCE, MATH, BULLY-PROOF, "JUST SAY NO!", and more!  We have reward programs that provide incentives and education as well as fabulous entertainment.
You name it!  We can do it!

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See what happened at this school visit!

What do our Programs Feature?
Each show or presentation is designed to grab and hold the interest of the audience.  The MagicGuy, Don Russell, uses all sorts of interactive magic and illusions that allow the students to participate in the activities.  Using cards, ropes, rings, books, $$$, or most any object, he creates amazing scenarios of the impossible.

For Assembly programs, he always features some great illusions, like an underwater diving helmet, a wild milk pastuerization scheme, a means of blowing up one's head, and usually a super levitation of a volunteer from the audience!

In close up situations, like classroom visits, he presents amazing feats of mystery with the students joining right in.  Some of the mysteries include how to produce a rubber duck from a cup, how to link rings together, why some students' heads squeak, or what phenomenom caused a student to bend a penny!

Many times during a school day, the MagicGuy is called on to do something amazing right off the cuff.  This impromptu magic is even more amazing, as he pulls ribbons from ears, does the famous "eyeball" trick, or stuns everyone with the $100 bill trick!  How'd he do it!  In many cases, the students' curiosity will lead them to the library to find out.  At least that's the directive the MagicGuy gives.

All shows are suitable for ALL ages - kindergarten through high school.  The shows are very fast paced and hysterically funny.  And, the neat thing is, ALL the shows are DIFFERENT!
Many schools have Alaska's Wildest Magic back annually (or even more frequetnly!)  Each year the shows are updated and fresh.  So, there's never a dull moment!  Everyone looks forward to more!

Where's his head?

See our "READING IS MAGIC!" promo Sizzle Reel!

A lovely young lady floats in the air!

Specialty Programs

Artist In Residency: Many times we are tapped to provide instruction in magic.  We have a complete curriculum featuring "Magic As A Performing Art."  It can run up to two weeks long.  Students learn effects, build illusions, practice performance skills, and put on a school or public show at the end of the program.

Reading Programs: These are the MOST POPULAR presentations we do.  Each year a program is themed in conjunction with the National Summer Reading Programs and new magic & storylines are developed.  We perform these in the Libraries throughout the summer and then, in the schools throughout the school year.  Librarians LOVE this program because it INSPIRES the students to READ!  Books fly off the shelves after our presentations.  We have a simple formula developed that can GUARANTEE success with this program.  Please, ask about it!
Story Times:  Many schools take advantage of the multitude of stories we can provide.  Having authored two books - My Dog & His Fabulous Adventures (Books One & Two) - we have over 30 stories that enthrall and delight students and audiences of all ages.  These presentations are accompanied by some magic to add a little glitz.  And we also have the classic tale, "Curse of the Bloody Paw", that we only tell around Halloween.  Lots of bumps & jumps, chills & laughter in this "terrifying" tale.  Ask about the release this story - BOOK, CD, & Coloring Book is in limited supply.  All stories are appropriate for school age students and older.  Delightful!

The MagicGuy is one of the kids!

We TRAVEL outside of Anchorage & Alaska!  Our Tours are REALLY SENSATIONAL and ALWAYS NEW!
Ask about our Tour Rates!  They can't be beat!
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