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2023-2024 School Program Special
Take advantage of Alaska's Wildest Magic "On Tour" for your school!
All day package consists of:
Classroom visits - individualized attention really motivates and inspires students!
Assembly programs - the "Big Show" for the entire school really "wows" them!
The students will go home and beg their parents to come to the
Evening program - which is great for the entire family!  Many schools use this as a fund raiser or reward program!
The fee is ONLY $350 for the ENTIRE PROGRAM!


Act NOW!  And your school or PTA can MAKE AN OFFER!  Any reasonable offer will be accepted!

You WANT the program but your school can't afford it!  We will offer the ENTIRE TOUR PROGRAM for FREE to qualifying schools under our new Grant Program!*  All you have to do is ASK!


*Some restrictions apply.

Floating at Schiller Elementary School.


After School Delights!

Magic Don is now offering his premiere programs, demonstrations, sessions, classes, and shows for amazing after school activities, evening events and celebrations!  For years, Magic Don visited after school programs presenting AWESOME stories, MAGIC and activities.  Now, he is offering his expertise to all schools, clubs and organizations!  Topics to choose from include: Reading, Theater, Story Telling, Science and, of course, MAGIC!

These  programs can be provided at the school or selected site.  The programs can range from 20 minutes to an hour+.  Great for small groups or classrooms!  To schedule a presentation, simply call or email.  Rates begin at $50.  This is a PREMIUM value that won't last long!


READING Is Magic promo video!

This program is one of the BEST your school will ever have.  But don't take our word for it!
Check our References!


            Please, peruse these quotes.  They better describe the program and experience of our presentations and performances.  And feel free to contact them for more information!


Alaska Educators and Professionals


Sherri Douglas – Anchorage Public Library, Youth Services Coordinator; Anchorage, AK  (907) 343-2840

“The program was varied and a pleasure for all ages.  I appreciate your gift of interacting with kids; your flexibility, humor, and ability to honor each child who volunteers to help with your performance.  Your efforts to teach the delights of magic to young people offer a caring and sustaining presence to the youth of our community.  And you always tie your performances to the resources of the public library.  I appreciate your support.”


Jolee Ellis – Homer Library, Librarian, Homer, AK (907) 235-3180

“WE HAD A BLAST!”  “You are the champion when it comes to numbers of participants in a Summer Reading Program (177).  Everyone had a great time including the adults and staff who were fortunate enough to be in the room” (for the performance.)  “We now know why you are so loved by people all over Alaska.  Count us in on your fan club.  Thank you again!”


Bill Cotton – Anchorage Community Theatre, Managing Director; Anchorage, AK  (907) 344-4713

“You are the MagicGuy – because you have the magical ability to put smiles, enthusiasm and pure pleasure on the faces of all the kids.  Thanks!”


Terri Paulson  - Butte Elementary, Library Media Specialist, M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Technology; Palmer, AK  (907) 745-4871

“Thank you very much! The kids are still talking about it (the performance) this morning and were really excited. The show was great! It is being discussed about trying to have you come back in the spring so that says a lot!” 

Judy Redmond – Russian Jack Elementary, Librarian; Anchorage, AK  (907) 742-1300

“Thank you for a wonderful day! I’ve received lots of positive feedback from staff. The kids nearly ran me over Thursday AM looking for magic books. The bookmarks are a hit and thank you for the new books and proclamations.  How about writing a “How To” book on levitation for elementary students?!  Thanks for making Halloween a delightful holiday for all.  I’ve passed your info onto PTA. I think a fundraiser would be very successful.”


Graham Houle – Alaska Railroad Holiday Train, Coordinator; Anchorage, AK

“Great job this year (like every year) the kids loved it and we had several comment cards saying the magician was the best/favorite part of the train ride!!”  

Alaska Professional References

Wendy Hawn – Taku Elementary, Teacher/PTA board; Anchorage, AK (907) 742-5940

Lynette Sullivan – Lake Hood Elementary, Teacher; Anchorage, AK (907) 245-5521

Carol Bartholomew – Polaris K-12, Teacher; Anchorage, AK (907) 742-8700

Asia Freeman – Homer Arts Council, Co-director; Homer, AK (907) 299-1992

Nancy Kemp – Kodiak Arts Council, Director, Kodiak, AK (907) 486-4321

Anita Smyke – Cordova Arts Council, Director; Cordova, AK  (907) 424-7637   

Out of State School Tours

Tim Branon – Central City Schools, Superintendent; Centralia, IL  (618) 532-9521

“Good message about reading and great family time in the evening.  I have had Don at my schools for the past 5 years.  Staff and adults appreciate the Don’s enthusiasm and genuine affection for the kids.  (I would recommend this program to other interested schools.)  And the price is right!”


Ms. Lee - Jordan Elementary School, Teacher/PTA board; Centralia, IL (618) 533-7145

“The highlight is (his) classroom (visit) time.  (He) spends the entire day here and visits every classroom showing tricks and giving the children special time.”  “Book the program – your students/children will be very happy!”


Edy Newby - Webster Primary, Librarian; Webb City, MO  (417) 673-6060

“This program sparked an interest in the magic books and books about Alaska.  I can’t keep them on the shelves!”  “Don spent all day in our school (even entertaining in the cafeteria during lunchtime performing magic for the kids) and then put on a show that evening for the students and their parents!”  “You more than get your money’s worth!  Don gives 110% for the students.”  “We have him at our school every year.  He always has a new great program!

            “Don is the highlight of our “Reading Hoe Down” each fall.  Students, teachers, and parents all look forward to his visit and performances!  We know we’re going to get a quality, entertaining show, stressing the importance of reading and the school library!”


Melanie Tate – Kell School, Teacher; Kell, IL  (618) 822-6234

“The students were very involved and it was adapted to each grade level.  The performance was appropriate for all grade levels.”  (K-8)  “I would highly recommend this program to any school.”


Brad Morris – North Wamac School, Principal; Centralia, IL (618) 532-1826

“The combination of classroom magic shows, all-student assembly, and family fun night provides us with an enormous amount of entertainment.”  “The program encourages/promotes reading.”  “It’s an incredible value!  The magic is astonishing!”

Book it today!  Offer only good for 2019-20 School Year!