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Contact information
For more information on our programs, rates, availability, or to book an event, contact us at
or email us at
Booking hint:  We recommend booking your event as far in advance as possible.  Peak seasons are June, July, October, & December.
 Travel: We are located in Anchorage, Alaska, and travel throughout the State.  We also travel to the Lower 48 in late September/early October each year.

Alaska's Wildest Magic makes headlines - even on tour!

References?  The MagicGuy, Don Russell, has thousands of references!  Too many to list here.  These are just a very few of the articles & photos that say it all.  In addition to newspaper interviews and photo shoots, Don has appeared on TV & radio.  He is constantly in the public eye.
  If you would like more info or references contact us at (907)522-1364 or
magicguy@alaskalife.net  We'd be happy to oblige!

Reading is the secret to magic and libraries love to have him perform.

Progress Days in Soldotna, Alaska, was wild & whacky!

The MagicGuy's public appearances ususlly draw media attention everywhere he goes.  Due to his constantly changing show, no one ever knows what to expect!

Everywhere he goes, the MagicGuy thrills audiences!

Some of the best shows are performed in remote Alaska.  The audiences are sensational and the MagicGuy makes sure that EVERYONE has a good time!

You can book your event on line by pnone
or by emailing us at the address below.
Remember to BOOK EARLY!
(907)522-1364 or magicguy@alaskalife.net